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design and coaching by creators for creatives

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Well you are in luck - we offer something for everyone!

We offer an array of products and services, from brand design to full Squarespace website builds to podcast coaching! Want to talk? Head to our services page and book your free discovery call! You can also shop our pre-made squarespace and social media templates.

We also have a podcast, the creative boss babe podcast, full of helpful info that you can listen to right here.

If you’re just looking around and checking out what we have to offer, then welcome to Dream Now Media, a company by creators, for creatives!

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LIsten now!

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dream now media

is a modern media company started by creators to help businesses and other creators build their brands through helping them show just how creative and badass they truly are.

We offer a wide array of services and products to help make your business amazing!


Branding and templates

Storyline Squarespace Template
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In Love With A Camera- Polarr Filters
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Summer Break - Tropical Squarespace Template
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