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Creator Database // Dream Now Media

Scratching your head right now asking something along the lines of “What the f*** is a creator database?” - you’re not alone!

We designed this database to list all of our amazing creators that like-minded creatives and brands can access and make connections with. It’s a great resource for creators who are looking for others in similar niches to collaborate with. For brands, its a great place to find freelancers who they may want to work with on projects or for promotions.

Freebie Vault // Dream Now Media

As a member of The Dreamer Collective, creators get access to our Freebie Vault. Full of amazing resources and courses to be used as tools to help design and grow their brands.

New Freebies are added weekly and can be used through various, easy to access platforms such as Canva, Word and Gimp!

Exclusive Freebies // Dream Now Media

Along with having access to our freebie vault, members of the Dreamer Collective get exclusive freebies monthly! Featuring different things such as photography and videography elements, designs and various templates to help take their content creation another step forward!

These freebies are delivered to member’s inboxes monthly and are exclusively for members.

Look out for these amazing Dreamer Collective additions for 2019…

A Network for podcasters to get help in creating and distributing their shows!

A festival to display the work of our creators filled with screenings, workshops, networking opportunities and more!

Exclusive Discounts for our Creators!

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