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Melyssa Guzman

Hey, I'm Melyssa and I am starting two YouTube Channels as well as a blog. The first channel titled Chi-Xicas is with my friend and the second is titled Dreamer and the City which is focused on me.


Emily Hester- CEO

Podcaster, YouTuber, Host, CEO of Dream Now Media. Check out more about her throughout the website!


Estela Estremera

is a Latina Beauty Influencer, Blogger & Podcast Host who loves everything about the beauty industry. She shares her passion, purpose, beauty & business advice with other beauty influencers & other Latinas who love beauty just as much as she does.


L. Autumn Colon

is the founder and editor at She’s A Wreck where she shares stories and tips about practical parenting, mental health and encouraging moms to pour into themselves with self-care. It’s her mission to express honesty in motherhood, bring awareness to mental health and motherhood and employ that all moms give themselves a break. She and her husband currently live in Brooklyn, NY with their son and daughter and they love exploring the city as often as possible. When she not busy wrangling two children and keeping them entertained beyond the latest technology she is working on her acting career and various entrepreneurial projects.


Caroline McNally

I just want to write about the things I love. I do hope it inspires people to just be themselves and love who they are. Do you and f*ck anyone who says you shouldn't. I don't want to put out an unattainable, insta-perfect vibe - because no one's life is like that. Most of what I’ll blog about are things that make me happy, because self-care matters a lot to me. I like to indulge in my passions because I want to prioritize my happiness and self-love.


Suzy Leanos

Suzy’s Vista is a lifestyle blog with the personal VISTA (view) of Suzy Leanos. Suzy is a Latina working mom balancing cancer in South Orange County, California. She is a Marine Corps Veteran and a military spouse.With all the different “vistas” her family gets to experience many different adventures. She writes about military life, travel, product reviews, family, beauty and much more.