What Guests Can Do For Your Podcast

Collaboration is a great way to grow a podcast! One of the best means of collaboration is guests! There are many benefits to having a guest on your podcast, some of which are as follows: 

People Love Other People’s Opinions

Whether they agree with someone or not, people love other people’s opinions. They love to dispute, argue or defend them, which means that if you give them the opportunity to, they will do so. 

They Love To Hear Their Faves

If you run a podcast where you can have celebrities or creators that people love, they will tune in. Most fans are extremely dedicated, and because of that, they will tune in to hear the favorite person.

Cross Promotion 

Many guests will agree to be on shows for the free promotion, and in return for that, you can ask for them to share your show. More than likely they will, which will help your show their audience, who may not already be a part of yours. It’s called cross promotion. You promote them on your platforms, and in return they promote you. It costs no money on either side and it helps you both grow. 


Another big plus of having a guest is networking. While it doesn’t do much for your listeners, it allows you to connect with other people and create contacts, which are extremely important when it comes to having a presence online and running a business, which a lot of us want our podcasts to become. By connecting with these people, you gain a new contact that can potentially be useful in your future endeavors. 

How To Reach Out To Potential Guests

There are two ways that are perfect for reaching out to guests. 

Direct Message

For those guests who use social media often and have their direct/private messages open, it’s best to message them on one of those platforms. You should send them a short message about you and your show, including a short description of what you want the episode you’d like to have them on to be about. You should be polite, not forceful, and only send the message once. Though it often won’t tell you, they do check their direct message requests, so if they do not respond, they most likely are not interested, and that’s okay. 


This more traditional means of communication is perfect for reaching out to guests. There is no character limit, and you can include other factors such as media kits and signatures. 

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