Brand Redesign- Uniquely Mickie

Okay, so if you haven’t been following us on instagram for a hot minute, then you wouldn’t know that we just recently did a huge rebrand for the blog Uniquely Mickie (currently still under construction).

I had the pleasure of working with Makaela, the mind behind the blog, to help redesign her brand for the new year.

To get started, I sent her a worksheet to help her narrow down her brand identity and make it everything she wanted it to be and more.

Once she did that, I had her create a Pinterest board with inspiration images that she felt aligned with the values and style she had come up with while doing the worksheet.

Uniquely Mickie

Inspiration Board

Taking her inspiration pictures, I created the perfect brand identity. Using a set of 5 main colors, I came up with various logo variations, web elements and patterns for her site.

Uniquely Mickie Brand Board

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Uniquely Mickie Brand Redesign

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