How To Utilize Instagram For Your Podcast

Instagram has become a huge platform for promoting your podcast. In my opinion, if nothing else, use Instagram as your sole platform to promote your podcast (but please don’t! The more, the merrier!) Let’s start with the basics.

Your Profile

The best thing for you to do when starting your account is pick a username that goes with your podcast, as we mentioned in Section 1. Along with that, you should convert your Instagram account to a business account, which will give you many more features and a look into analytics that you normally wouldn’t have when using a regular account. To make it a business account, you must first create a Facebook PAGE (not PROFILE) and connect it to your account. From there, it’s easy to finish the setup and get started with your business account!

Your Profile Image




Your profile image is one of the first things people when it comes to your account. It is important to use either your podcast’s logo or a professional image

of your self. These are things that people usually take very seriously. You don’t want to use a selfie, as they seem unprofessional, not an impression you want to to be the first for potential listeners. 

Your Bio

There is a character limit to your biography on the platform, so keep it short and sweet. Make sure your name has your podcast’s title and the word podcast, as it will be the easiest way for someone to know what exactly your profile is for. Describe your show in a short sentence, use the most prominent hashtag for your brand, and if you’d like, add your personal Instagram account. 

Your Link


Your link is extremely important when it comes to your profile. While it may seem best to use a link to your podcast on a certain platform, there is a much better alternative. 

Linktree is a program created for Instagram biographies that allows you to have all of your most important links together in one convenient place. What’s amazing is that there’s no limit to the number of links you add and it is completely customizable!

What I’d suggest doing with your Linktree is linking your top three platforms with the most downloads, your social media accounts and other platforms you plan to utilize for your podcast! 

Your Email

If you want to receive sponsors or have guests, a great option is to include your email. When setting up your profile, make sure to include your email so people can easily reach out! It’s simple but often forgotten. 

Your Feed


For your feed, you’ll want to decide on a theme. There are many different ways to go about this from using pictures with the same color palette, to a certain type of picture layout, image splits (cutting an image into 6/9 smaller images to connect when looking at your feed overview), or creating your own unique graphics. Each works well, and you can combine a few to create the perfect feed. It’s all up to you and what you think is best for your podcast! If you want to create graphics, try to stick to the branding you chose in the previous activity so as to keep the continuity. 

There are many feed planning apps to help you cultivate the perfect look, but I suggest Planoly. The easy to use platform allows you to move around images to see how they would work with your feed, write the perfect Instagram caption before posting and even allows you to schedule posts, many of which can auto post*!

Your Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your audience! Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories stay for 24 hours before disappearing. You can use a variety of different features, such as questions, polls, and gifs to get your audience involved and give them a voice, something they will truly appreciate. 

Once the 24 hours is over, your posts disappear, but you can save them to your profile in themed “Highlights”. These highlights are a great way to show off certain things, such as something you regularly feature on your podcast, behind the scenes action and even the listening platforms your podcast is on so potential listeners can find it easier. 

There are many different apps to create stories, but my recommendations are as follows: 

Unfold- An app to create professional looking stories with a variety of premade templates.

A Design Kit- A more creative app that allows you to use unique stickers, fonts and more to create eye-catching stories! 

Canva- Just like the website, the Canva app has many different templates to create the perfect story in just a few moments!

Doing these things will best help you utilize Instagram to grow and connect with your audience!


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