How to Use Pinterest for Brand Inspiration

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking for different things we could incorporate into our brand. With thousands of brand boards, elements, websites and logos to look at, Pinterest us a treasure trove for brand inspiration.

Here’s what we did when designing our brand that you, too, can do to create your dream brand.

  • Create a board for your brand


Okay, now this seems almost self explanatory, but making a board specifically for brand inspiration is a simple way to always go back and look at what you want.

  • Search relevant key words


Something some people forget to do is search relevant keywords. Now, even if they don’t totally line up with your brand, we suggest using them just to see, and who knows, maybe there’ll even be something you love there! We searched things like “quirky websites”, “girly brand boards”, “hipster website templates”, “cute instagram puzzle feeds” and “girlboss branding” to find things for ours, as they somewhat related to what we wanted our brand to be. Just using those keywords helps narrow down the search for what you’re looking for and is sure to produce some great results.

  • Pin things that are similar to what you want your brand to be


After that, you’re going to want to pin everything you think is relevant to your brand to your board. Sound simple enough?

  • BONUS: Pin from recommended on the pins you have already found


Okay, sounds a bit weird, but if you scroll down on a pin that you already like for your brand, you’re more likely to find similar pieces.


you may not have needed a blog post all about this because it’s very self explanatory, but if anything this post should serve as a reminder to make one and use it.

If you’d like to check out our board, you can find it here:

Pin this image to your Pinterest board:

How to Use Pinterest for Brand Inspiration // Dream Now Media