How to Get Clients OBSESSED with Your Brand

Yes, we’re serious! Are you ready or what? Let’s get into it!

Ah yes! Back at it again with the blog! Did you miss us? We missed you!

Today, we’re going to talk about  hot to get clients obsessed with your brand! Now, we have addressed some of these in the past so we won’t be going too in-depth on some, but if you want more info on that particular one, make sure to check out the related post!

Okay, now that we have that cleared up, let’s get into the ways that you can get clients obsessed with your work!

1. Social Media

One of the easiest ways to connect with clients is through social media! To get clients obsessed with your brand that way, you need to have content that they LOVE!

Creating a theme for your Instagram or Facebook Page (like our bright and colorful one) is a great way to grab the attention of potential clients and keep them coming back for your aesthetically pleasing content!

Another thing you should do is hone in on your brand’s voice- aka the language you use for your brand. This is super important! Some of our favorite brands have such distinct brand voices and they use them to talk about important things that relate to their niche. Use terms that echo your brand’s voice and use them to offer tips, tricks or just generally helpful info that your clients will keep coming back for!

You can use tools like Planoly or Later to plan out your feed, create the best posts for you and upload them straight to Instagram. It’s honestly magical!

2. Your Content

No, we’re not talking about your social feeds. This is the stuff you create for Youtube, your blog or your podcast!

Having a podcast or channel has become a great way to grab those brand fans! It gives them a chance to connect with you on more than just the Instagram or Twitter level, as they can see/hear what you have to say. It’s also another way to offer helpful content in your niche that they will keep coming back for.

Same goes for a blog, which often times can tie in with either of the previously mentioned content types to make a super content bundle (at least that’s what we call it)!

Now it’s easier than ever to start one of these if you haven’t already. All you need is a smartphone and an app, Anchor for podcasting and Youtube for, well, Youtube. There’s no reason not to start one if you haven’t already!

3. Music

Okay, so we talked about this in the last blog post but we want to reiterate how good it is for your audience to be able to have a playlist for them to listen to that shows them who you are and what you like! (We’re a sucker for anything 5 Seconds of Summer, as you can tell by our brand identity playlist)

4. Livestreams

Okay, so this is something you might not think of, but when you’re building an audience, a great way to grab those obsessed clients is to do livestreams and connect and chat with them! They’ll love tuning in and having a chance to talk to you/have you reply to their comments. Similar to Youtube and podcasts, it’s another great way to share some of your knowledge and give them a peek into who you are.

Since there’s so many things that we can talk about, we’ve decided to do a part 2, which will come out next month, so if you want to be notified about when it goes up, make sure you follow us on Instagram or sign up right here to join our email list!

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