The Benefits of Planning Your Business on Asana

It’s officially the end of January and because of that, I’m showing you my monthly business goals, my yearly business planner on Asana, and letting you in on how it could benefit you!

Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

At the end of 2018, I began by planning my first three months (Q1) on an Asana project, with a board for each month.  It was an idea I came up with as I used Asana for other aspects of my business, so I decided to give it a shot. The overall project has boards that are set up by month, with one after December as an overview for the next year’s goals. 

From there, I added larger goals that I wanted to accomplish for the month. January’s were: Plan 20% Off Birthday Sale, Get 2 New Clients, Complete 2 Rebrands, Launch Kickass Opt-in Opportunity on Website, and Design One Client Website. 

My brand goal Asana board

An overview of my monthly business goal board

When choosing my larger goals, I went for milestones that I knew would help my business grow the way I wanted it to. Many of the goals are related to clients and services, but others are for things like sales, our email list (which I touched on in last week’s post), and designing amazing things for you amazing boss babes!

Each large goal is then broken into smaller milestones and projects, like you can see with the Plan 20% Off Birthday Sale, which had 8 projects, “subtasks”, inside. As I finished each of the subtasks, I marked them as complete, and when all of  the subtasks were complete, the overall goal was marked as completed. 

pinAsset 5.png

A look at the 20%

sale subtasks.

Client and service goals have a due date of the last day of the month while the sales and events have a due date of the day I wanted them to start. Sub tasks have certain due dates leading up to the main goal due date, giving me ample time to finish them before the final goal needs to be completed. 

That process was repeated with every goal that you see listed in the above image. 

What I learned from setting up this board is that having a place to write out your goals and the realistic steps to achieve them is honestly amazing. Being able to check off the smaller tasks and to see your progress towards the overall goal make you feel accomplished and excited to finish them all! I checked in daily with the board, marking off things as I finished them and it helped my business run smoother. 

I would recommend doing this for your business if you have a lot of things you want to accomplish for your business but need a place to keep yourself on track. 

If you already do something like this for your business, how do you format it? Let us know in the comments! 

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The Benefits of Planning Your Business on Asana