The 4 Best Free Courses and Webinars for Creatives

If you’re like us, you’ve seen those free webinar and online course ads all over your social media and probably think it’s a bunch of bullsh*t. To some extinct, they can be, but there are a few that we have found super helpful and think you will too!

Jenna Kutcher’s Next 1000 Instagram Followers Webinar

Jenna is a photographer, podcaster and influencer who uses what she’s learned since 2013 to help people grow their Instagram following. The webinar takes about an hour, and you’ll walk away from it with pages of notes- at least we did. The information is insightful and can really help you grow your following.

The only downside to this is, like many others, Jenna spends an extra half an hour trying to sell you on her “Instagram Lab”, which may or may not be helpful to you and your brand.

We do suggest attending the webinar and getting all of the information you can to take your Instagram from okay to bada$$!

ThinkCreative’s The Perfect Business Roadmap Webinar

This webinar by Emylee and Abigail, the minds behind ThinkCreative, gives you helpful information on building your business plan and making it your best pancake. While it’s on the longer side, coming in at over an hour, it’s definitely one worth taking the afternoon and watching, rewatching and taking notes.

Dream Now Media’s #PodSquad Boot Camp

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? If you didn’t already know, we have an online course to teach you everything you need to know about podcasting from coming up with an idea for your show to monetizing and growing it!

While our course is normally $175, we’re offering it to members of our Dreamer Collective for FREE! We may be a bit crazy, but we want everyone to have access to our course, especially all of our amazing creators! To get access to the course for free, click the below button and apply for The Dreamer Collective!

Jenna Kutcher’s Pinterest Growth Strategy Webinar

Okay, not going to lie: We love what Jenna does and that’s why we’re featuring her twice on this list! Her Pinterest webinar, similar to her Instagram one, gives you tips on how to use Pinterest to help grow your brand. With great tips and tricks like those from her Instagram, you’re sure to find information on how to make you pinning absolutely Pintastic!

Now, there are many more, but instead of listing them, take a look at this list:

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The 4 Best Free Courses and Webinars for Creatives // Dream Now Media
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