Why We Chose Squarespace For Our Website

If you are just discovering us, then you are probably seeing our website for the first time and are wondering what we’re going on about. Are we right?

Before making this website you currently are looking at, we spent many hours trying to use other website builders and hosts for our website: mainly Wordpress.org and Wix.

I know, Wix. The shudders run through your body when you think about that host, and for good reason. Here’s why we didn’t pick them.


When we first started building our site, we didn’t know any of the horror stories about Wix and how bad they are for businesses, so we started building our site on there.

If you haven’t heard the horror stories, then let this post be your warning. Wix severely limits what you can do to your site due to lack of integrations, while offering some at a price added onto the hosting fees. Hosting a blog is also a true bitch. The worst part about the site is that there is no way to transfer or download your site and it’s content, so if you ever want to switch, you have to start over from square one.

While the site does have some perks, like an easy to use designer, its best to steer clear and save your business the hassle the host brings you.

Since we’re talking about it, though, feel free to check what we designed on Wix- note that quite a bit of it isn’t completed because we chose to leave.

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Now, we know a lot of people who swear by Wordpress for their sites, and while it shows some real potential, we had to give the platform a hard pass.

If you haven’t used Wordpress.org but have checked out it’s blue eyeshadow wearing little sister Wordpress.com, then you know the struggle of not being able to put things exactly where you want them and fully customize the site. That’s how Wordpress.org is, but more sophisticated. While it has thousands of plugins, who like Wix usually come at an extra cost, many sites rely on them to work, and after awhile they begin to pile up.

The only true way I’ve found to truly customize the sites through Wordpress is through DIVI, which is an extra $89 a year (or a one time purchase of $269).

The one downside that Wordpress.org has that Wix and Squarespace don’t is that you have to go to an outside source to host your site, such as Bluehost or SiteGround.

Unlike with Wix, we couldn’t get very far into the customizing phase, so you won’t get to see what it looked like, but just know it was more of a mess than our Wix site. We promise.

Why We Picked Squarespace

Okay, now for why you’re all really here. You want to know why we picked Squarespace.

After doing all of our research and trial and error, the decision was very obvious. Squarespace is an all in one hosting platform that gives you an easy way to customize your site. With benefits of both Wordpress.org and Wix without any of the negatives, it was the clear winner.

Now, we did create some things to set our site apart, such as custom buttons and a Linktree like page for our Instagram which we will share about in upcoming posts, but with the other hosts, doing that wouldn’t have been as possible.

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