The Best Free Websites for Content Creation

Okay, if you’re like a lot of beginners, then you know just how much it costs to start creating content. Let’s look at a simple budget for Youtubers.

Camera- $500-1,500

Computer- $500-2,000

Editing Software- $50-300 or $240(a year)

Graphic Design Software (Photoshop)- $240 (a year)

That’s just the bare minimum, with an older model camera, a computer with decent storage and processor, a way to edit your videos and a way to edit thumbnails and promotional images for social media. That adds up quickly, which is why we’re always looking for free alternatives to cut back costs, as most of the time we don’t have the thousands of dollars to get everything.

Here are some of the websites we recommend and use ourselves!


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BeFunky (free or $4.95/Month)

BeFunky is an amazing website comparable to PicMonkey (which used to be our go-to). With a simple interface that anyone can use, it's a great option. We especially love it because it allows you to use fonts that you have installed on your computer, which is great for matching all of your branding.

The site has three different options: Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer. Photo Editor is a great way to color, change and fully edit your images with filters that range from artistic to cartoon. You can also add text, stickers, and overlays that you upload, which is perfect for making Youtube thumbnails.  The Collage Maker is perfect for making collages for your social media pages that you have full control of. You can change everything from the spacing size to the color of the spacing. What’s great is when you’re done with that, you can always send it to the photo editor to continue editing. The Designer is similar to Canva, with templates you can select and alter to fit what you’re creating. One great thing about this is that you can export in PNG, something that you’d have to upgrade your account on similar platforms to accomplish.

There are s0me features, however, that if you’d like to have you will need to upgrade your account for, but we can do whatever we need to with the other sites on this list.

Our suggestion is to use this as a way to create thumbnails for Youtube videos, collages or anything you’d like to make into a PNG. The site is very customer friendly and overall a good asset to have in your arsenal of free software to use.

2.  Canva

Canva Screenshot

Canva (free or $9.95/Month)

Okay, we know you have probably heard of this site before, as it is a holy grail for content creators and bloggers, so we won’t go on the full spiel, but we do have to highlight it.

If you’re someone that doesn’t know what Canva is, it’s a platform home to a large number of editable templates that you can use to create basically anything your heart desires.

One drawback of this platform is that, while it’s free, there is no way to use custom fonts unless you upgrade your account. (We have found that exporting and then opening in BeFunky is the easiest way to get use out of both sites).

The user-friendly platform is amazing for creating more advanced graphics like those used for Pinterest, email headers and more! Those are what we suggest you use it for, at least.

3. Fugue by icons8

Fugue Screenshot

Fugue by Icons8

Have we stumped you with this one? Most people we talk to have never heard of this site, and that’s- in our opinion- wild! Fugue is a site with hundreds of royalty-free songs for content creators to use in their projects in return for crediting the artist.

The site, while sometimes a bit difficult to navigate, allows you to search by genre, theme or mood to find the perfect song for what you’re creating! We suggest this site because most creators haven’t heard of it, therefore the music is very unique!

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