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More About Dream Now

Hi there -

If you’re here right now, you’re probably looking for more information about us!

Dream Now Media is a modern media company started by creatives to help businesses and other creators build their brands through helping them show just how creative and badass they truly are.

Dream Now Media was started by Emily Hester, a social media enthusiast with a love for creating content and helping people grow an engaged following. Using what she’s learned through cultivating an engaged following on multiple platforms, she’s set out with the help of Laura Lekas and Spencer Opferman to do the same for kickass creators and businesses!

For Creators

To help creators, we created the Dreamer Collective, a group of creators of all different sizes, niches and platforms. These creators are given help with growing their platforms, free resources and courses, which they use to utilize and learn from. Creators are also added to our creator database, which is sent to brands who would like to use influencer marketing for their businesses.

If you’re someone who would like to join the Dreamer Collective, head over here for more information:

For Brands

When it comes to brands, Dream Now Media is a one stop shop. From offering services such as social media management, content creation and rebranding help to growth strategy meetings and one-on-one content creation training to offering alternate resources and tips, Dream Now Media has it all.

For brands who would like a consultation, click below to request a time now.

Quick Facts About Dream Now Media

Meet The Team

We have a small team of badass creatives to help you with all of your needs. To learn a bit more about them, click the below button!